Felicia Cher



What do you love about Pilates?

Pilates is so amazing - it changed my entire perspective towards the human body, in moving and in teaching. Along with the fact that the learning journey is never-ending just makes me want to keep learning and to always remind myself to stay humble.

Why did you become an instructor?
Back when I was teaching dance, I realised that my students tended to injure themselves during dance &/or conditioning. That was the same period where I felt stagnant in my dance career. I wanted to improve and learn more about our human body and decided to jump into Pilates without any expectations. I fell in love it and have been teaching ever since.

What makes your class unique?
When my clients say that I “torture” them during class yet, they’re always back for more haha!

What do you want clients to leave your class feeling?
To feel like they’re ready to conquer the world!

What makes your class “sweaty”?
Lesser rest time between exercises and more repetitions!

Favourite post -workout ritual?
Staring in the mirror for visible abs 😂.

Five adjectives to describe your teaching style?
Fun, Torturous, Interactive, Challenging, Clear

Felicia holds the following certifications

STOTT Pilates®
Intensive Matwork
Intensive Reformer
Intensive Chair, Cadillac and Barrel
Functional Anatomy Course
Anatomy Review
Postural Analysis Review

Balanced Body Core Align