Wina Ghert



How did you get into Pilates?
About 11 years ago, I got injured and couldn’t walk for about three days. After about a week of popping painkillers, I tried to work out again (slowly!). One of my colleagues then suggested I try Pilates as a form therapy. Haven’t stopped since!

Why did you become an instructor?
Curiosity and opportunity. I took the instructor course out of curiosity. By the time I finished the IMP, my colleague asked me to cover her class, which then became my permanent class! Started off with one class, which kept increasing one class after the other (yay, score!).

What do you want clients to leave your class feeling?
I hope they feel content, at peace and at ease with themselves, as well as feel balanced from body to soul.

Do you prefer fitness or technical classes?Gotta keep ‘em balanced. Can’t achieve good levels of fitness without proper technique, and you can’t have technical classes all the way - it’ll make the class feel dull and flat.

What makes your class “sweaty”?
The fun and intensity!

What’s your favourite candle scent? Something that smells like the rain and ocean breeze.

Wina holds the following certifications

STOTT Pilates®
Advanced Mat
Advanced Reformer
Advanced Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels
Injuries and Special Populations

Les Mills Body Balance™