Betsy Chen


Studio Director / co-founder

How did you get into Pilates?
At 30, I found that I had zero core-strength to run even more than a kilometre. I decided to try Pilates to strengthen my body and fell in love with how good it made me feel, like I’d just kicked myself hard – in the best way possible! Pilates not only made me stronger, it also gave me a balanced body and mind.

Why did you become an instructor?
I decided it would be fun to be able to share what I went through when I first started practicing and the growth I’ve experienced since then. As an instructor, I want to share not only the benefits of Pilates, but to inspire people to push themselves harder, be confident to take on any new advancing moves and challenge themselves in and out of the studio.

What makes you passionate about Pilates?
I love that Pilates is timeless and for people of all ages. I love sharing that if you work to move better, you tend to age younger and more gracefully. If you don’t, you might end up moving rigidly and older than your biological age.

What’s a typical class taught by you like?
I like my classes to be upbeat and full of energy! You’re going to work hard, but I’m going to make sure you do it with the biggest smile and walk out feeling incredible because you tried your best.

What makes your class sweaty?
Getting my clients to breathe slowly, move slowly and lots of holding in specific positions!

Favourite workout other than Pilates?
Definitely strength workouts – Bodypump and rockclimbing!

Betsy holds the following certifications

STOTT Pilates®
Mat and Reformer
Advanced Reformer
Advanced Matwork
Chair, Cadillac, Barrel
Injuries and Special Populations

Anatomy Review
ZEN∙GA(TM) Mat Foundation
Certified in Programming for Osteoporosis Management
Certified in Flexion Free Workshop
Certified in Reformer with Fitness Circle
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Pilates Suspension Method 1.0, 2.0, 3.0